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A driving force in R&D innovation for medical drug delivery devices over more than 20 years, we focus on improving patient experience through minimally-invasive solutions and safer practices.

We deliver an exceptionally high standard of end-to-end services to the healthcare and pharma industry, from prototype development to final product certification.

And what’s more, working with Roncadelle allows you to choose the optimum manufacturing option for you – we can support or reinforce your in-house manufacturing capacity, augment third-party facilities or simply take all the hassle off your hands and manufacture in-house for you.

Roncadelle’s team are hugely experienced in product development, quality management and regulatory matters across the industry. This allows you to benefit from systems, procedures and processes made to the very highest international quality assurance standards – and products that redefine the industry.

Our SafeR® product range is the smart way to eradicate needle-stick injuries in healthcare providers (and the resulting infections) – it also cuts costs, boosts profits and enhances user experience.

We perform extensive research
We devise innovative solutions
We create safe products

We perform extensive research
We devise innovative solutions
We create safe products

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State-of-the-art facilities Latest in injection molding and assembly


Our fully-configurable MES platform uses AI tools and the latest software technologies to run an intelligent factory, incorporating:

Machinery Integration

WH Management

Production Quality

Production KPIs


Along with over two decades of ISO 13485 quality management experience and more than 15 years of experience in medical device production, Roncadelle Operations gives you the benefit of our state-of-the-art facilities, including the very latest in injection molding and assembly, along with the following capabilities:


Material feeding automatic system:
#10 Injection Machines (150 to 320 ton)

Spring coiling

High-speed automatic metal forming machine
(50 to 500 pcs/min)


Versatile high-speed assembly lines
Manufacturing process control automation


Automated lines

Boxing system

Palletizing robots

Filming machine


1.080 sqm

ISO7 Clean Room

2.100 sqm

Production Area

1.200 sqm


1.600 sqm


2.400 sqm

Green Area / Plant Expansion

Leadership Team

  • Skilled business developer with significant M&A experience
  • Successful tenure as Chief Strategy Officer at a family office for 6 years
  • Accomplished 6-year track record as Director, Head of Deloitte EMEA Program Management Office
  • Experienced leader with 15+ years in automotive, industrial and appliances
  • Executive roles in operational, sales, finance, and M&A at Valeo, Sogefi, Trevisa Cometal, MOOG, Kaercher,
  • Demonstrated success in driving growth, optimizing operations, and achieving resul through strategic leadership
  • More than 25 years of experience in the drug delivery device
  • Executive roles encompassing sales/ marketing, and product management
  • Proven track record of driving success through collaboration with cross-functional teams